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Matcha Bear

Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha 1KG

Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha 1KG

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Introducing the ultimate matcha treasure for the true matcha aficionados, cafes, restaurants, events, and big families: our brand new 1kg pack of premium organic ceremonial grade matcha! πŸ΅πŸ’š

Unleash your matcha passion and dive into a world of endless possibilities with this abundant supply of matcha goodness. Here's why you'll love having 1kg of matcha at your fingertips:

  • Never run out of matcha bliss: Say goodbye to those moments of panic when you realize you're running low on matcha. With our 1kg pack, you'll have a generous stash of matcha to enjoy whenever the craving strikes. It's matcha heaven that lasts!
  • Unleash your creativity: Calling all culinary wizards! This 1kg pack is your ticket to matcha experimentation. Whip up matcha-infused delights, from mouthwatering desserts to energizing smoothies. With such a plentiful supply, there's no limit to your matcha-inspired creations.
  • Perfect for sharing the matcha love: Gather your loved ones, friends, and guests to indulge in the matcha experience together. With 1kg of matcha, you can host unforgettable matcha gatherings and share the magic of this vibrant green elixir.
  • Cost-effective for matcha enthusiasts: If you simply can't get enough of matcha, our 1kg pack is a wise investment. It offers great value for your matcha-loving heart, ensuring you have a substantial supply to satisfy your daily matcha rituals without breaking the bank.

Experience the true depth and versatility of matcha with our premium organic ceremonial grade matcha in a convenient 1kg size (pstt! you can also easily refill your 30g tins with this mega pack).

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your matcha journey to new heights!


Additional information:

Product name:

  • Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha


  • 100% Pure Matcha Green Tea

Country of origin of our green tea:

  • Japan, Shizuoka

Amount of certain ingredients:

  • 1kg green tea

Net quantity:

  • 1kg

Instructions for use:

  • Mix 1 to 2 gramsΒ of Matcha Bear powder with 70-80 degrees water. Zig-zag with a bamboo whisk until frothy.

Specific conditions of storage and/or use:

  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep tightly closed.
  • Best before: check the packaging

Business name and address:

  • MatchaBear OÜ

  • Poordi 3, Tallinn, 10156

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