Welcome all matcha lovers!

Our Story

Welcome to Matcha Bear, where our passion for premium matcha is matched only by our dedication to quality and purity. Our journey began from a simple, yet profound desire to share the exquisite taste and health benefits of authentic Japanese matcha with the world. Driven by the realization that finding consistently high-quality matcha can be a challenge in Estonia (and generally in Europe), we embarked on a quest to bring the richness of traditional Japanese matcha directly to your cup.

Our Mission

At Matcha Bear, our mission is to offer a gateway to wellness through the unique, verdant flavor of matcha. We believe in not just selling a product, but in spreading a culture of health, mindfulness, and sustainability. Our carefully curated matcha is sourced directly from the lush tea fields of Japan, ensuring each sip carries the harmony of flavor and a wealth of health benefits. We are committed to elevating your daily ritual with matcha that is as beneficial to the body as it is delightful to the palate.

The Founders

Behind Matcha Bear are Kati and Rauno, two individuals united by a shared vision and a love for matcha.

Kati brings a blend of creativity and business acumen to the table, currently enhancing her expertise with a degree in Luxury and Fashion Business. With a rich background in modeling and content creation, Kati's eye for aesthetic excellence and her social media savvy keep Matcha Bear at the forefront of the digital world. Her passion for cooking and healthy living is the heart of our product development, ensuring that every offering from Matcha Bear is a testament to quality and taste.

Rauno, with his grounding in entrepreneurship and experience management, is the strategic force behind Matcha Bear. A graduate in Business and Event Management, his knack for financial stewardship and market analysis ensures that our company not only thrives in the competitive landscape but also leads it with innovation. Rauno's active lifestyle and dedication to sports are reflected in our company's commitment to promoting a healthy, vibrant community.

Together, we, Kati and Rauno, are not just the founders – we are the first customers, the strictest critics, and the proudest advocates of Matcha Bear. We invite you to join Matcha Bear's journey and experience the pure joy of matcha.

Kati & Rauno

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