About Matcha Bear! 💚

About Matcha Bear! 💚

Welcome, matcha enthusiasts, to the Matcha Bear blog, where we explore the art and wonder of matcha. In this post, we want to take you on a journey through time to discover the origins of Matcha Bear! 🎋

The end of 2022, we found ourselves in a world where matcha was starting to gain popularity. People were getting curious about this vibrant green tea, but unfortunately, many were only exposed to culinary low-quality matcha—the kind that's often used for baking and cooking. And let me tell you, that stuff can be a far cry from the true essence of matcha, because it’s like comparing extra virgin olive oil to rapeseed oil.

But here's the thing: we knew there was so much more to matcha than what people were experiencing. We knew that high-quality, premium organic matcha could offer an entirely different taste, smell, and color!

Driven by our passion for matcha, we couldn't bear the thought of people missing out on the true magic of matcha, so we decided to take matters into our own hands. That's when the idea of Matcha Bear was born 🍵

We knew that finding the best matcha was crucial. It had to be sourced with utmost care and precision. We delved into extensive research to ensure we found the finest matcha available. Our pursuit for excellence led us to the beautiful region of Shizuoka, Japan, renowned for its tea cultivation.

Shizuoka, with its picturesque landscapes and ideal climate, has long been hailed as a matcha lover's paradise. Here, tea farmers devote their lives to nurturing tea plants, using time-honored techniques passed down through generations 🌿

Through our dedicated research, we forged partnerships with passionate tea farmers in Shizuoka who shared our commitment to quality and sustainability. With their expertise, they carefully handpick the leaves at the peak of their flavor and vitality. These meticulously selected leaves are then stone-ground into the vibrant green matcha powder that we proudly ship to you.


And that, my friends, is why we're here—to share this matcha magic with all of you. We want you to experience the true greatness of matcha—the best taste, the amazing smell, and that bright, beautiful color. So, come along on this journey with us as we sip our way to matcha bliss. Welcome to Matcha Bear, where quality meets pure delight 💚

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